"I stand with Porn Harms Kids and believe that children shouldn’t be exposed to hardcore pornography"
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Porn Harm Kids is a registered charity that mobilises researchers, child development experts, youth welfare authorities, the medical profession, social and public policy sectors and members of the community including schools and parents, to work toward a comprehensive solution.

We still have a long way to go in terms of setting up wider reaching digital child protection buffers that we can use to protect our children day to day. While we already, have a robust strategy to get there, we need your help to accomplish our next steps in our plan.

Now we are an Advancing Health Charity, all donations are Tax Deductible and with the end of financial year approaching it's a great time to be a pivotal contributor to the solution our children need us to stand up for.

Your support is key in solving this problem. 


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I pledge to stand for…

  • A world where children can grow up without being psychologically harmed by accessing graphic, violent pornography online
  • Prevention of children’s access, given that porn is linked to increased risks of STIs and other harmful physical and relational outcomes
  • Higher standards for ISPs, tech and porn companies to implement technology-related child protection buffers to block harmful pornographic content
  • Adults, including the Australian Government, to exercise due diligence to protect children

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